Portable Green Screens

Buy Premium Quality Portable Green Backgrounds

The Portable Green Backgrounds are becoming highly popular among photographers due to their utility. The green backdrops help the photographers in taking brilliant and great quality pictures. The pictures taken against the green screen backgrounds can be easily edited to insert the image of your choice.

Easy to carry and Use

  • The Portable Green Background is essential equipment for a photo studio and is equally useful for on location shoots.
  • The green screen backgrounds are flexible, light weight and easy to fold and can be carried to different locations.
  • The portable green backdrops give you the freedom to take the pictures of your choice anywhere by setting up the backdrops. You do not have to clean the mess in your room as you can fix the backdrop and take the pictures easily.
  • The green backgrounds are available at reasonable rates. These backdrops also save a great amount of time for searching locations to carry out a perfect photo shoot.
  • The green screens are easy to carry and machine washable. The backdrops are crimped along the edges to prevent tears.

Benefits of portable green screens

  • The portable green screens improve the quality of photographs by controlling the light and eliminating reflections as they are made of 100% cotton.
  • The portable green screens are seamless and wrinkle free which makes the picture look perfect.
  • The green backgrounds are available in different sizes for your different photography needs. We offer chromakey green screen 5×7 backdrops, 10×20 and 10×12. The chromakey green screen 5×7 backdrops is the smallest backdrop available and can be easily carried on locations for shoots.
  • You can choose the size of the green backgrounds as per your requirements.


We offer high quality portable green screen backdrops at a special price. The backdrops are made of muslin which is considered as the best fabric for photography. Buy your green screen portable backdrop now and carry out your photo shoots anywhere you want to.