Photography Backdrops

Backdrops for Photography

Gone is the time when the photographers had to hunt for particular locations for photo shoots in order to set a perfect background in their images. Today, the technology has become so advanced that you can use any landscape or location as a background for your image. This is possible with the help of chroma key green / White screen back drop. Chrome key back drop can be easily replaced with your favorite image in the background.

Great Benefits of Green / white Screen photography backdrop
Green and White Screen Backdrops for photography are among the best equipment for photography and are liked by both professionals and amateurs.

These backdrops help you to take perfect photos with appropriate contrast and lighting.
Since green and white are considered as photo-friendly colors, they can control the lighting of the subject more effectively and easily. Moreover, they are not very costly.
Green screen backgrounds save much time of the photographers as they need not search for apt location for photo shoots. They can click the pictures anywhere in front of white or green muslin cloth as a background, and later replace the green background with digital background of their choice.
Earlier, photographers and their clients had to wait for the conditions to become conducive to photo-session, since they had to click the pictures at the same location to be depicted in the image. Now, this is not required.

We offer you a vast variety of green and white screen photographic backdrops. The best of the backdrops are available in muslin fabric, which is 100 percent cotton and is very durable. These green muslin backdrops help to eliminate reflection from photos. Muslin is completely versatile and flexible and can be transported to different places.

You can choose between 10 X 20 and 10 X 13 backdrops which are available at competitive prices. Offer is valid for limited period. Buy it now!