Green Screen Background

Background for Green Screen

The current trends state that photographers are showing a keen interest in using green screen technology for creating photos and videos. They are looking to replace green screen backdrop of videos or images, which they have shot in their studios or some local places, with digital background videos or images of their choice. It is completely sensible on the part of photographers. Why should they make expensive arrangements at outside locations when they can easily replace green screen background with any image or video?

We have many green screen background images and videos available for you to download:

Themes Available for Image Background for Green Screen
Seasons – You can find many interesting images depicting different seasons, ranging from snowy winter to romantic spring.
Holidays – In this pack, you can find images of beaches and hilly places that can be used to beautify your holiday photos.
Kids – In this pack, you will find many images that depict the charm and innocence of kids.
Building Monuments – In this, you will find the photos of marble statues, wonders of the world and massive buildings etc. to be used as background for green screen.

Other image themes available are Landscapes, Romance, Magazine Cover, Patterns and Texture, Oceans and much more.

Themes Available for Video Background for Green Screen
Wedding – In this pack, you will find many background videos that can help you add elegance to videos of weddings. There are clips, openings & closings, wedding themes, etc.
Sports – This pack includes the background videos depicting different sports, including Soccer, Basketball and Football.
Worship – This pack includes motion videos for enlightenment, clips for worshippers, backgrounds for creating anticipation and more.
Others – Other themes for videos include Home Movie Essentials, Grand Slam Motion Backgrounds, and Digital Hotcakes etc.

These image and video packs are available for you at our store at affordable prices. You can either buy one or two volumes of the pack or whole bundle. Order for it now!